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About Me...


Hi, I am Carol, I have been writing non-fiction children’s books for 8 years.  

My background is working in the Criminal Justice industry.  Whilst raising children and juggling my time between work and home life, I decided to diversify and write a children’s book. I have always loved to read but most importantly loved to read to my children and allow them to discover their imagination through books.

What inspired me was finding the positives that come with change, forming different friendships through whimsical and optimistic narrative, highlighting the opportunities of friends and going on new adventures and embracing change.

I thought it would be exciting to introduce my books to the younger generation.   For me, growing up in a very cosmopolitan area led to friendships that came with different social diverse experiences that helped me mature as a child.

I hope to introduce a sequence of books in the future that explore different life changing events for children (moving home) that will help them adapt to change but to also have a team of friends that will help them to grow.

I feel it is important for parents and carers to read to children as it not only encourages them to develop mentally as children but it also helps them to understand and narrate, especially if the story is an experience they can relate to.

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