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Meet Monty...


My two children’s books are called ‘The Move’ and 'Monty Goes Boating'.

'The Move’ is about a family of lions.  The four main characters are Monty the Lion, Lado the Lion, Daddy Lion and Mummy Lion. The Lion family leads to many new characters appearing during the story and these new faces lead to the fascination of introducing further characters in subsequent books.

'Monty Goes Boating'  - a sequel to ‘The Move’ will leave the reader intrigued about the main characters, future characters and their exploits.

‘Monty Goes Camping’ - is my Third book which I am in the process of writing. This will be coming soon!

I hope that adults reading to their children will all have experiences of moving home and going on adventures.  

Additionally, children will be able to associate themselves with the characters.


Monty the Lion Books 

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The Original Wipe 

and Go Baby Grow 

The wipe and go baby grow is a revolutionary, first of its type baby grow that eliminates the need for constant changing of clothing and the need for a bib. After every meal, drink or during weaning, just wipe the baby grow down and move on! Click here to choose your pattern and buy!


 Monty the lion and other Character Mugs


Berkshire, England, UK

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